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In the world of international entrepreneurship, it is essential to establish and maintain a solid legal structure for your business ventures. An International Business Corporation (IBC) in Seychelles provides a secure, internationally acceptable, and efficient legal framework for corporate trade, asset protection, and wealth management. However, the success of your IBC in Seychelles relies heavily on the expertise of your licensed corporate service provider.

IBC Law Changes and the Need for Professional Corporate Service Providers

The International Business Companies Act, which governs the formation and operation of IBCs in Seychelles, has undergone significant changes since its enactment in 2001. These changes do not alter the need for a professional corporate service provider to manage your offshore company’s affairs. On the contrary, they emphasize the importance of having a well-informed and experienced service provider to navigate the complexities of the amended legislation.

Reasons for Dissatisfaction with Current Service Providers

There are several reasons why business owners may be dissatisfied with their current corporate service provider. The most significant and concerning reason is the risk of dealing with service providers and agents whose licenses have been suspended, revoked, or sanctioned by regulators or international authorities. Engaging with such providers can jeopardize the integrity of your IBC and expose your business to financial and legal risks.

Other reasons for dissatisfaction may include poor communication, lack of transparency, and inadequate services offered. In any case, it is crucial to reevaluate your current service provider to ensure that they are competent and reliable in managing your IBC’s affairs.

Legal Considerations for Maintaining an Active IBC in Seychelles

Maintaining an active IBC in Seychelles has several legal implications. Failing to comply with the requirements of the International Business Companies Act can result in the loss of property rights of assets, bank accounts, and other valuables. Additionally, non-compliance can lead to the loss of limited liability protection, transitioning into personal liability for the beneficiary.

Inheritance issues may arise if proper planning and management are not in place, which can create complications for beneficiaries. Contractual obligations and tax implications also need to be considered when maintaining an active IBC, making it vital to have a competent corporate service provider on your side.


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