About Us

Company formation in the Seychelles and the advantages of the local infrastructure can benefit international businesses. To support business people in a global environment, Equation CS and Legal Floris LLC collaborate with the most interesting offshore jurisdictions and international business hubs, to ultimately incorporate your company in the best possible location. Our clients wish to avoid conflict and make their business dealings easy and straightforward. They aim to transact where rules are fair and most beneficial to them. The Seychelles can be the perfect match for many professional ventures. Yet, to determine such a perfect match, proposed activities and local customs must fit. Therefore, Equation CS and Legal Floris LLC, in the best interest of their clients, wish to understand a business proposal before a service is delivered.

Equation CS and Legal Floris LLC both have extensive experience in the legal and financial industry. Specializations in (offshore) banking, asset and fund recovery, company formation and tax advisory ensure holistic service provision. In a competitive environment, where international company formation services are considered mainstream, the difference between firms is distinguished by a risk aware and efficient vision towards global entrepreneurship.

Offshore financial centers are classified as high-risk jurisdictions. Even though there can be limited justification for this assertion and generalizations also address credible and professional business people, tactical and strategic business planning should consider this classification. The business structure and operation therewith are mission critical. Mistakes are impermissible while tax authorities, government agencies and other regulators want to punish violations under the public interest doctrine. As such, company formation and maintenance is more than an administrative procedure.

To ensure a stable corporate structure and avoid fiscal, legal and financial challenges, Equation CS and Legal Floris LLC use a holistic approach to global entrepreneurship, cross-border taxation, and international finance. As such, a risk assessment allows our customers to choose for a combination of flexibility and protection. To speak with one of our representatives, please leave your contact details in the contact form available here.