The current corporate ecosystem is characterized by global and cross-border activities carried out by international market players with a virtual reach. Consequently, the Republic of the Seychelles attracted large numbers of international entrepreneurs and location independent professionals for the incorporation of their offshore company or International Business Corporation (IBC). The domestic legal environment is strengthened by the participation in the Commonwealth of Nations thus furthering the common law legal system.

A central theme in the Seychelles company law is the separation of the legal entity from its shareholders and other controlling persons. It therewith ensures a limited liability for the shareholders corresponding with the value of their shares. Other controlling persons in the company have a duty towards the company and can therefore be sanctioned for wrongs against the company. It is for international enterprises with cross-border or even virtual activities an ideal corporate structure.

Seychelles company law allows foreigners to set up an International Business Corporation. Incorporation is straightforward, yet the legal person must refrain from doing business with locals. This is a one-sided requirement that does allow the company to retain services from local Seychelles companies. It merely means that a Seychelles offshore company or IBC cannot offer commercial services to the local market.

Although the incorporation of a Seychelles company follows the local laws of the Seychelles, these laws have little applicability outside of the country. Beneficiaries should take these conflict of laws in consideration when they structure and operate their offshore company.

International business people and location independent professionals who wish to diversify their global presence while maintaining several advantages of running a global or virtual enterprise, may consider the Seychelles for their place of corporate establishment. The incorporation process for a Seychelles offshore company or IBC is straightforward. It requires the beneficiary to identify himself and prove his clean sheet in a simple way. From the perspective of the future activities, the beneficiary must draft the memorandum and articles of association and refrain from restricted activities.

Incorporation is the first step to start doing business with an offshore company. The corporate structure, location of the main customers, and proposed activities urge a need for complimentary services. These may include among other things banking facilities, local licenses, and administrative services. Most of the additional needs of Seychelles offshore companies and IBC’s can be arranged by Legal Floris LLC and Equation CS. It is our duty to help offshore companies succeed and prosper. All we can do to achieve this goal should be considered.  

Seychelles Incorporation

A Seychelles offshore company or IBC has different advantages that are very suitable for international and virtual business. The current era of globalization and technological innovation enables business people more than ever to choose the best location for incorporation. Offshore financial centers such as the Seychelles gain altitude once again as a preferred location for foreign corporate establishment.

Besides the traditional benefits of offshore financial centers for foreign businesses, the Seychelles can lean on a long term and stable reputation in the offshore world. Consequently, it is relatively easy for established enterprises to conduct business activities with a Seychelles offshore company or IBC. Incorporation is fast and easy and activities can start immediately after the registration of the company.

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